A Kitten’s Life is Saved…And You Can Help Save Lives, Too!

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Smudge demonstrates a pet-sized oxygen mask on an episode of Must Love Cats

A kitten’s life was saved, thanks to the quick thinking and preparedness of a Canadian fire department.

A grease fire was the supposed cause of the apartment fire that resulted in a complete loss of all possessions for a young Moncton couple. Thankfully, they weren’t home at the time of the fire; however, their six-month old kitten was found in the midst of the fiery flames and paralyzing smoke.

The good news? The kitten was alive and the courageous firefighter who braved the sweltering scene didn’t leave the kitty to perish along with the couple’s belongings. He saw the tiny, limp kitten and took a chance that the baby might have a chance at life. Once outside, the firefighters administered oxygen to the kitten. Eventually they revived the cat and brought him to the local SPCA for treatment.

This is just one story of how alert firefighters and quick administration of oxygen saves lives…whether the victim has two legs or four. For years veterinarians have used special oxygen masks, designed specifically for small animals. Now companies like Pets America are making it possible for local firefighters and EMS personnel to utilize the same critical rescue tools. Through their site, donors can purchase oxygen masks and have them shipped to the fire station of their choice. Those who work in the emergency services field can contact Pets America with a request for masks and they will work to find local donors to provide them. Please support Pets America by visiting their site, “liking” their Facebook page, and sharing the information in this post. Your helping spread the word helps ensure there will be more success stories like the sweet kitten who received a second chance at life.

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