A Kitten Cruelty Video Goes Viral In China

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A 4 1/2 minute video from Bejing showing a woman forcing a kitten into a mud puddle again and again as the kitten’s mother tries to rescue it has gone viral in China in recent days and has created a controversy.

A woman squats by a mud puddle and matter of factly forces a little kitten into the water over and over again against its will as it tries to crawl away. The kitten’s concerned Mama comes near and coaxes it to her. The woman allows the kitten to go to mama, then it is snatched up by the woman’s male companion and thrown back to the woman for more dunking. That is what is shown in the video, which is shot from above by a videographer in a nearby building. The videographer claims not to know or recognize the perpetrators of the act.

The kitten was reportedly left in an underground basement next to the puddle but two days after the incident, when people went to investigate, there was no trace of it.

The video was posted at Chinese video sharing sites, where it took of virally and became the topic of interest and controversy, disapproval and outrage.  Many Chinese citizens have called for the kitten’s tormenters to be hunted down and punished. Presumably, though, the video will have been appreciated by that segment of society that enjoys cruelty, especially that segment which enjoys cruelty toward kittens.

Controversy and discussion of the video even caused it to be covered on television news broadcasts. Of the two Chinese news features we’ve seen, one showed the video in its entirety, the other showed a portion of it.

We anticipate that this story is not over and that the video and the controversy and outrage it has spawned in China will spread as it travels beyond its home country.

We have included the video below for those who may wish to see it for themselves. We do not necessarily recommend watching and in fact will say this: If you’re not tough, don’t watch it.


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  1. I wish these people could experience drowning. Of course they should be tormented before they actually drown. I could personally push them under and hold them down.

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