A Hoarder’s Cat Finds a New Home

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One Love Animal Hospital in Brooklyn, NY held an adoption event earlier this month in cooperation with the ASPCA for 30 cats rescued from a hoarding situation in November. The cats were taken from an overwhelmed Coney Island resident in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy by the ASPCA.

The animal hospital cared for the cats in the months after they were removed from their former home. Many were treated for respiratory infections during their rehabilitation period, and all were spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, behaviorally assessed, and given an ID tag by the time of the event. 18 cats found homes at the adoption event, and the rest went to the ASPCA  headquarters in Manhattan, where they continued to await adoption.

Betsy, now Clementine, is one of the cats who found a new home and family, and a new life, at the adoption event. She was adopted by Claudia O’Brien and Jamie Rosamilia, and has successfully made the transition to life with her new family.

Hoarded Cat Finds New Home from The Brooklyn Ink on Vimeo.

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  1. Help me from my neighbors’ stray cat (overpopulation)!!!Hasn’t anybody heard of a leash/law for cats???They use my backyard as their personal toilet/catbox.My hoarding is more healthy than their CAT TURDS!!

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