A Girl and Her Cat

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We are grateful to Anatoly Snezhko for sharing these marvelous pics of an adorable little girl and her gorgeous and ginormous, fluffy white cat with us.

19 thoughts on “A Girl and Her Cat”

  1. I grew up wit a cat like that, here name was Lillemor and she became 24 years before she got to the rainbow brigde <3 She was wonderful and every year she had exatly 4 babies of every cind of collar and long or short – haired, and she took verry good care of them all, in thouse times there where nothing to do with prevension or something you know. But it was no problem to give away kitties in thouse times either so it all went well ! Happy to see a cat that look alike Lillemor <3 I love your side <3 Greatings from Norway <3 Sorry for my english though !

  2. That is one beautiful tomcat. He may be bigger then my cat too. It’s hard to tell with pictures since I don’t know how big the girl is.

  3. Big problem I have with my kitty is finding a proper cat harness that will fit. >^,,^<

  4. Beautiful pictures and gorgeous cat but he is HUGE!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat that size.

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