A Genuine Superhero Hits the Streets

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Move over, Wonder Woman! Marnie Wolk doesn’t need an invisible plane or magic lasso to prove she’s a superhero. She single-handedly rescues 300-500 cats a year, many from some of the worst conditions imaginable.

By day, Wolk is a mother, wife, and third grade teacher. At night, she hits the streets with one mission in mind: saving cats. “There is not a place I would not go in order to rescue an animal in need,” she said. “It’s almost like you put on your superhero shirt and no one can hurt you. You see the faces of the cats and nothing gets in your way.”

When she says there’s not a place she wouldn’t go, she’s not kidding. Wolk has gone dumpster-diving, slithered through drain pipes, climbed fences, and even busted down the door of an abandoned crack house to retrieve kittens who needed bottle-feeding. Once she even busted down a a garage door where cats were being used as pit bull bait. Drug dealers, criminals, addicts…she’s confronted them all in her pursuit for recovering felines in need. She says that if she can save one life, that’s all that matters.

Wolk is the angel behind Save the Cats, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping the stray cat population in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Rescued cats receive medical care, food, and socialization until they can be properly matched with a family. Her rescue work has recently earned recognition and Wolk was the recipient of the 2011 Animal Rescue Hero Award, given by the American Red Cross of Lower Bucks County.

In the last 20 years, Wolk has saved thousands of cats and she’s never lost her passion. In fact she’s been known to come to the aid of dogs and humans as well. After learning five dogs were to be put down in Philadelphia, she rushed to the scene and, within days, found homes for all the dogs. She regularly brings food and clothing to her regular tipsters who are living in less than optimal situations.

Save the Cats volunteer, Judy Norkin said, “Without her, so many more animals would be in the street living short, violent lives. But because of her they get a chance.”

Hero? Absolutely. Angel? Definitely. Superhero? Without a doubt.

To learn more about the vital work of Save the Cats, Inc., visit their website or Facebook page.

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  1. It’s one thing to rescue cats. It’s another to pick and choose who to adopt those cats to based on your personal like or dislike for that person and not on their ability to be a wondeful “parent” for that animal. And that’s Save the Cats’ policy… if you aren’t liked, you’re not adopting. Go elsewhere to adopt, the cats at the ASPCA are wonderful and you won’t be discriminated against.

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