A Frank Update on Bernice

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Dr. Becky Bosetski, Bernice burned kitty’s doctor and special person, writes a note highlighting Bernice’s wonderful spirit and strong will to live, and the good progress she has made. Dr. Becky also cautions supporters that one result of the heaing process may lead to problems down the road.

Dr. Becky posted a note today for Bernice’s supporters, many of whom ask for frequent updates on the cat who garnered widespread attention after she was found severely burned on a street in Oshkosh WI one day this summer and became the ward of the Oshkosh Humane Society and a patient at the Animal Hospital of Oshkosh. First, it was the severity of the injuries and the sadness of the case that attracted people; then it was Bernice’s fighting spirit and the spark that shines through her eyes.

In the most hopeful portion of Dr. Becky’s note, she says  ” Bernice seems to be very comfortable and happy.  This morning as we were having our regular nose-bumping ritual, she was so excited that I ended up with as much of her burn cream on my face as she did!! Bernice is a fighter like I’ve never seen, and I truly believe that she is in this with us, telling me everyday that her will live to live is strong.  In all reality, it is a miracle that she has survived what she has, and I am praying that she continues to do well.”

Br. Becky informs us that Bernice shows that strong will to live and improve that we have heard about, and which is evident in the remarkable progress she has made in a few short week. She says that the healing is noticeably visible as Bernice’s skin changes from day to day. To answer a question many have asked, she says that Bernice’s fur will likely not grow back over large burned areas. Photos show that is is already growing back in other areas, though.

The situation that may become problematic concerns the scars where the burns were. The scars are expected to shrink through the healing process, pulling tight, and since they cover a large area, that may impede Bernice’s mobility. There are already small signs of this when Bernice walks, but the situation has not worsened in recent days, and that’s a good sign. The matter is one of watch and wait, rather one of inevitability, and it is hoped that it will not affect Bernice’s quality of life in the future. Two surgeons have been consulted on whether surgical procedures will be necessary or even possible and all agree that the best course is to continue to observe Bernice and give it time before considering any decision to have surgery. Dr. Becky will consider what is best for Bernice. She says ” If it becomes evident that extensive surgeries must be done in order to ensure good quality of life, we will have to take into consideration what is fair to expect her to go through.”

In closing, Dr. Becky says ” We are always keeping in mind what is best for her, staying objective in our treatment plan, as difficult as that can be.  She has a very special place in my heart, and in the hearts of so many.  Regardless of the outcome of her case, I believe her story has taught us all immeasurable lessons.”

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  1. I have VERY mixed feelings about this….I cant even look at her pics, it is way to hard to look at cause I cant imagine how she feels and Has to be in pain, anyone that has ever been burnt not even remotely this severe says it is beyond painful…..this poor baby, Im not sure what the right thing would have been for her 🙁

  2. THANK YOU for the love you have of animals …. they are to be loved ….imagine that they show so much love without talking to us ??? do you realize ?? how much they do and can give ????

  3. What a sweet sweet girl…u can see the gratitude and love in her eyes. What spirit against such adversity. I hope whoever did this is watching the stories…hell has a special place for people like that…

  4. awwwww Thanku Dr. Becky… I just love this little cat… like so many animals we unfortunately hear about that are suffering because of something a human has done to them… they have this resiliency and internal strength to just” strive to survive.” When they respond to human touch and love it shows that innocence and makes us all want to cry because they have no anger no contempt no vengeance… sometimes fear yes… sometimes they may act out ONLy out of fear… but for the most part.. Here’s a perfect example. Bernice with her little kitty swagger… just looking at each day as a new beginning.. loving and trying to get through each day. Bless her kitty heart.. I’m with her all the way….xox

  5. First off Bernice you were so lucky to have been found and taken to the vet where your injuries are being treated and your pain managed. You have a great will to live and a beautiful spirit and am sure that is because of the wonderful Dr. Becky Bosetski and the great staff that are doing their best to care for your needs and have all your best interest at heart. A little love and care can go a long ways, wishing the best for you Bernice in your days of healing, such a trama for a little body to endure. Angels, Prayers, and Wishes for you and to your wonderful caregivers. They know what is best for you and your healing recovery. Thank you all for what you do!!

  6. I hope Bernice makes it. I could not take another sad outcome like Dexter. She has been through so much. She just has to make.Bernice keep up the good work.

  7. After the Bali bombings in Indonesia, a doctor in Perth, Australia, made revolutionary improvements in treating burns victims. I don’t suppose the vet could contact the doctor to see if there could be any transferable information for helping this poor cat heal? She has suffered so much already, a permanent loss of mobility and/or ongoing health concerns seems so unfair. I am relieved to know that the treating team have not ruled out euthanasia if it is necessary. It would be devastating for all the humans who are invested in her recovery – but afterall, it’s not about them/us. The Doctor is Dr Fiona Wood, Royal Perth Hospital Burns Unit, Plastic Surgeon. Are you in a position to feed this suggestion to the treating team?

  8. I so hope Bernice makes it, after all the sad news lately we need a happy ending, she is such a fighter, what a sweetheart, my thoughts are with her every day. Love you Bernice keep up the fight baby girl.

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