A Feral Cat Thanksgiving

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Chris Poole visited Christine Hubbard of the Southern California organization Love Your Feral Felines recently. Chris donated his winnings from a video cat competition to the group and made the video profile you will see below.

Chris writes:

Love Your Feral Felines was founded in 2011 and since then they have rescued, re-homed and TNR’d over 300 feral/stray cats and kittens!

They currently trap in numerous neighborhoods in Vista and Oceanside (California) with the help of the community. They set anywhere from ten to fifteen traps at a time, over all locations. These neighborhoods were selected because each is highly populated with people, have high vehicular traffic and most are unsafe due to predators.

In two locations they have lost cats in car accidents, to hunting coyotes and to suspected deliberate poisoning. With an estimated 300 feral cats in colonies of various sizes in these locations, since 2011 they have trapped continuously, but birth rates have kept the numbers almost constant, primarily because some females are so very hard to trap!

It was great to meet Christine and see the passion she has for helping feral cats in the area and it was a pleasure to donate our Friskies winnings to aid in her mission! … We’re sure we’ll be back to donate and help raise awareness about the great work she’s doing in the future 🙂


FMI about Love Your Feral Felines visit their website. The organization gladly accepts donations to help them continue their good works for the cats.

Chances are, there are organizations or individuals helping the feral cats in your own area, who also need volunteers, food, operating funds and miscellaneous supplies.

Video creator Chris Poole, petdad to Cole and Marmalade, made this video profile on Love Your Feral felines, A Feral Cat Thanksgiving :



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