A Colorado Cat’s Pipe Dream

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What do you get when you cross a rabbit, a cat and a pipe? A wonderful rescue story!

Erie Colorado resident Suzanne Engert walked to her garden Wednesday afternoon and found a cat stuck in pipe behind her shed. “This black cat was just lying there,” she said. “I must have walked past the cat a couple of times.” Engert realized the cat had been there for some time as it appeared he’d been digging in the dirt to try and free his head from the pipe. She tried to free the cat herself but was unsuccessful and called for help. Animal Control officers again tried to free the kitty after fire fighters removed a section of the pipe. They used vegetable oil and soap to lubricate the cats’ head but to no avail. Pipe and cat were then brought to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

Animal control officer Brandy Perkins was en route to the Humane Society when there was a flurry of activity in the back of her truck. “We were driving … and I see this thing flying around the back,” Perkins said. It was a rabbit. Apparently the cat was chasing the rabbit and both became lodged in the pipe. In the end the rabbit was able to escape both the cat and the pipe and hopped out of the truck and to freedom upon arrival at the Humane Society. Rescue workers again went about the business of trying to free the cat with the help of the veterinary staff. The situation was beginning to look rather hopeless when suddenly the cat’s head came out to a cheering crowd of onlookers. The cat, now nicknamed Squeeze, is described as a black and white tom cat. Possibly feral or a barn cat. If an owner is not located, he will be evaluated to see if he is adoptable. (The video footage shows the rabbit escaping and parts of the actual rescue but unfortunately not the moment of the cat’s release. It is still heartwarming to see everyone working together to help this kitty.)

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