A Ball Of Kitten

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A litter of foster kittens create a sweet, moving ball of kitty love.

Self-styled ‘Cat Butler’ and video creator Doug Brown, who posts at YouTube as DrNworb, fostered a feisty litter of six gray kittens last year with his wife Sharon. The couple made sure that each of the kittens remained with a sibling, adopted one pair thenselves, and found good loving homes for the other two pair.

Doug and Sharon recently took on a new Mum named Cate, who was abandoned by her family when she was heavily pregnant, along with her babies. We shared a beautiful video with the little family, in Kitty Cate And Her Beautiful Kitten.

Doug writes:

Our 6 new rescued foster kittens and their mum Cate were dropped off on April 2 by Karen Duncan from VOKRA. They will be staying in our garden guest suite for the next couple of months until everyone is adopted into wonderful forever homes. We will once again insist that the kittens get adopted out in pairs.

A very pregnant Cate was abandoned on a doorstep in Abbotsford B.C. with nothing but a coat and was brought to The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) office in Vancouver where she had her 6 beautiful babies.

He introduces this video:

Why are Kitty Cate’s 6 kittens having such a ball? Because they were all rescued by the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc. (VOKRA) and are being fostered in a good home from where they will be adopted into wonderful forever homes.

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