A 37-Pound Cat Loses an Incredible 18 Pounds

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Image source: PE.com
Image source: PE.com

When Biggie the cat needed a costly surgery in 2014, his owners brought him to the Arrow Dog and Cat Hospital in Montclair, California. Biggie had developed blockages in his colon, and needed the life-saving surgery. When Biggie’s owners couldn’t afford the procedure, veterinarian Nichole Agarwal adopted him.

Biggie received the surgery and recovered well, but that was just the first obstacle that he’d face. At the time, Biggie weighed 37 pounds – he was unhealthily overweight. Biggie was so overweight that he couldn’t move very well, and he couldn’t scratch his neck or groom himself.

So, Agarwal put Biggie on a prescription diet and regularly played with him to give him exercise. And gradually, Biggie lost the weight. Today, Biggie has lost 18 pounds – half of his original body weight. He’s a healthier cat because of it, and proves that with determination, you can help a cat to lose weight.

If your cat is overweight, try switching him from dry food to wet food. You may want to talk with your vet, as they can recommend a low-calorie food that is suitable for your cat. The more active that you can keep your cat, the better – make a point of playing with him multiple times a day. Too much weight is unhealthy for your cat, and being a proper weight can improve his comfort and extend his life.

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