Woman Steals Kitten From Brooklyn Bodega

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Mir Kasham, owner of Moon Mini Mart, shows photo of catnapped Takela. (Community News Group / Colin Mixson)

A couple of hours after a man inquired about buying the kitten a woman was caught on store surveillance tape casually picking up the silvery grey ball of fluff, tucking it under her arm, covering it up with a coat, then strolling out of the store.


The coincidence is not lost on owner Mir Kasham of the Moon Mini Mart, who offered to help the man find another kitten at turning down the $50 offered for 3-month old Takela.


“Please bring it back. Everyone misses Takela!” Kasham, who filed a police report with 66th Precinct, told the New York Post.




2 thoughts on “Woman Steals Kitten From Brooklyn Bodega”

  1. Poor little kitty, I hope she is returned. Who ever took her I hope they are at least taking proper care of her, there is so many adoptable pets why didn’t they go adopt?

  2. Effing *blank* had better return the kitty! She needs to be prosecuted to the full extent!!! SCUM, to take someone’s pet!!! I hope and pray he gets it back, but I’m not happy with the owner letting his cat run loose in a store. Wrong kind of place for it! Not safe for so many obvious reasons!!! What is wrong people today??!! I am sick of the vile behavior I am seeing so much of lately!!!

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