Reduced Adoption Fee Offered After Shelter Fire

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The Cleveland Animal Protective League is offering a reduced adoption fee for the more than 100 cats that were moved following a building fire.

Just before 11:00 am on Tuesday morning, a fire in the dryer filled the cat adoption room with smoke, resulting in an immediate move for the cats into a different room in the shelter. Firefighters believe the fire was caused by a belt that stopped working. Thankfully, none of the cats were hurt, although the staff is keeping a close watch on the ones that were located closest to the dryer.

In an effort to move cats from the smoke damaged facility, through at least today, the shelter is offering a reduced adoption fee of $5. This is a significant discount from the typical $45 fee. Sharon Harvey of the APL said, “We are looking for permanent homes for the cats, we don’t need foster homes. We need for them to go to homes with people who love them for good.”

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