9 Year Old Boy Saves Kitten From Abuser:12 Year Old Charged

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A kitten is on the mend after an attack that left a 9 year old boy a hero and a 12 year old charged with a crime.

On Saturday, May 28, a 12 year old Suffolk, Virginia boy was charged in a vicious attack on a 7 week old kitten. Readers who want to know the details of the attack can watch the news video below. Suffice to say, the tiny cat was beaten. According to news reports a 9 year old watched helplessly until the older boy took out a knife and threatened to cut the cat, at which point the younger boy says he was compelled to act and managed to knock the knife from the attacker’s hand.

The young hero in a still from his tv interview

According to the local reports, 9 year old Jamarea Mills and his brother were playing outdoors with the kitten on Saturday morning when the older boy came along, picked it up and commenced his attack.

“I was sad; we tried to tell him to stop but he just kept doing it.” Jamarea later said as he related the terrible incident to a television reporter.

After the brutal attack the children who’d been playing with the kitten picked it up and put in a box, thinking it was dead yet wanting to protect it from the elements. The kitten was found in a grassy area and was initially unresponsive when an Animal Control officer picked it up, at which point it opened its eyes and meowed.

The kitten suffered injuries, with a broken leg and internal bruising, but has been treated by a veterinarian and is recovering. Though only weeks old, the kitten is described as a stray and will be made available for adoption from the local animal shelter this Friday.

The 12 year old boy accused in the attack  is charged with one count of misdemeanor cruelty.

When asked by the reporter how he felt upon learning that the kitten had survived and would recover, Jamarea simply said “happy”.

WTKR news video with the young hero’s telling of the story.


Note: The kitten, who came to be called Little Heart, for the heart on his bandage, succumbed to his injuries the following Friday, the day he was going to be made available for adoption. The killer was charged, found guilty and sentenced.

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43 thoughts on “9 Year Old Boy Saves Kitten From Abuser:12 Year Old Charged”

  1. I hope they take what this 12 year old did very, very seriously and don’t give him a slap on the wrist. Someone this violent will just keep on going. His parents should be held responsible as well for raising a monster.

  2. Makes me so sick to my stomach to think of what this poor kitten went through. Thank goodness for the 9-year-old who stepped in and saved this little life. What is going on with kids these days who think it’s ok to abuse animals. He should have been sentenced to do community work at an animal shelter, the little punk.

  3. The 12 year old is a sick little freak, I’m so very glad the 9 year old was there and stepped in to help …

  4. The parents of the 12 year old who did this should be held responsible as well for raising a monster. Anyone who could harm an animal or child who is completely defenseless is a sick, sick individual. I’m glad Jamarea intervened. I hope the community gives him an award or something to show him that he did the right thing.

  5. I hope the authorities in that county keep track of that 12 year old. If he can do that kind of abuse to a kitten at that age, heaven only knows what he’ll do when he gets old if he’s not stopped. On the flip side, it says a lot for the 9 year that he was willing to step in to save the kitten. He’s headed down the right road to becoming a fine adult.

  6. The abuser is (or was) most likely being abused himself: There’s a pretty direct link between abuse children abusing small, helpless animals. Child Protective Services should be called by whatever agency picked up the beaten kitten.

  7. He needs to be sent to Tennessee to see ME. I’ll make sure he never touches anything ever again. Trust me!

  8. Oh Jamarea, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
    *sending lots of love to this brave little boy, this poor sweet little kitten and who ever put that little blue heart on that cast*

  9. hopefully more kids and adults will start speaking up and standing up to these abusers

  10. Court ordered counseling is in order I would hope? Future criminal definitely if something is not mandated now. Jamarea is an angel!

  11. Finally!!!! Someone focusing on the good that happened here. While I don’t condone what the 12 year old did….I wish to celebrate the love and respect of this incredible young hero!! Way to go Jamarea!!!!!!

  12. Just wanted to say thanks for NOT putting the details right out there and giving us a CHOICE as to whether we want to subject ourselves to the horrid details~! I chose NO. I cannot handle it. HOwever, I’m glad to pray for this poor lil’ creatures body, soul and emotional well being to all heal completely~! God bless him……

  13. what about the charge of a weapon, isn’t the knife a weapon in Virginia.. good start in life for the 12yo..I’m sure this is not the first time, and I’m sure not the last time..

  14. EXACTLY! GO GO GOOOO! Jamarea is a hero! He and his brother would make any mama proud. How very brave of them to stand up to an older bigger attack WITH A KNIFE!

  15. What the hell is wrong with people??? They should charge that 12 year old – this is a disgrace that animals can be treated with so little feeling. Kudos to the 9 year old for rescuing this baby.

  16. I think one person on this thread got it correct. This child needs serious psychiatric help. He is exhibiting behavior of A) a child who has himself been abused or seen someone close to him treated the same way as he treated that animal. B) if he was raised in a good home, he is exhibiting psychopathic behavior. He need punishment and severe psychiatric help.

  17. Rest in peace, little guy! This boy is so brave and did the right thing. I hope the 12 year old’s actions are taken seriously and he gets major medical help.

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