6 Ways You Can Tell Your Cat is Part of the Family

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Yes, cats can seem highly independent, even indifferent. But however solitary you think your cat may be, he definitely has ways of showing how much he loves and needs you. Look for these signs that your cat loves you and considers himself part of your family.

The Forehead Touch

Even it’s just for a moment, a forehead touch, or slight chin to forehead nuzzle, is a sign of trust and affection.


The original intent of kneading comes from when cats are kittens and they use the behavior to stimulate the release of milk from the mother during nursing. As they grow, however, many cats keep up this behavior and it’s a sign of contentment.

The Tail Twitch

If your cat comes up to you with his tail hoisted in the air and the tip twitching back and forth, he’s actually showing you a sign of affection. While your cat may invite you to interact, he may also turn that play behavior into wildness or aggression, so be careful.



One of the most common and well-known signs of love from your cat, purring is the ultimate sign of contentment. While in your presence, a purr from your feline friend means he’s more than happy to sit back, relax, and be spoiled by you.

Getting Your Attention

Whether it’s licking your hair while you sleep, or taking a casual stroll over your laptop while you work, such interruptions from your cat mean he wants to interact with you and is ready for some extra affection.

Gift Giving

Though it can be a little gross when you’re presented with a dead mouse or bird, when your cat brings you this prized possession, he’s sharing his prey with you. Believe it or not, this is actually a true sign of kitty friendship.

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8 thoughts on “6 Ways You Can Tell Your Cat is Part of the Family”

  1. Lol—–my cat never brought me a dead bird or anything, but he definitely climb on my lap and purr and purr and stretch out his paws—it was so cute and comfortable,lol.

  2. When I lay on the couch to watch TV my cat likes to lay on TOP of ME alsoi he hates it when I’m on the phone and will continually bite me (gently) until I hang up and pay attention to him

  3. So I have 2 cats one male one female but it’s mother and son my cats are indoor and are totally loveable but never wanna love on me but will love on everyone but me I’ve tried so many things but nothing does anyone has any suggestions on how I can make them love on me

  4. Michelle, don’t get discouraged. They may have confidence in knowing that you do love them already, and vice versa, and show others affection because they are seeking that additional attention. They know they have you. You can always try little things, too, like placing a blanket next to you or on your lap that has a bit of catnip on it or a toy or a treat…something they may already enjoy. Don’t force the situation, just place the item and leave it. It may take some time and patience, but you could also be quite surprised. Good luck!

  5. My cat ruby when I first got her she would hiss at me but now she loves me and she had some kittens they were so cute but they were placed in new homes a couple of years ago I miss them. And my cat ruby was given away the same time her kittens were I miss her so much she was always there for me she was my friend and sometimes when I was sad ruby would come up too me and sit on my lap until I felt better.

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