Community Shows Generosity After $1k Stolen From Forgotten Felines of Maine

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Forgotten Felines of Maine, headquartered in Gouldsboro, suffered a disappointing loss the weekend before last when $1,000 in funds raised at the Zonta Clb Antique and Craft Fair at the Brewer auditorium was stolen from volnteers Janet Badger and Samantha Dillman, who were terribly upsetover the experience and the loss. The group’s spokeswoman said of the loss, “As much as we desperately need this money as we owe our vets $5,000+ my concern is for my friends and long time dedicated volunteers.”

Forgotten Felines posted a link to PayPal at Facebook for any supporters who wanted to help make up the loss, and hoped members of the public would step up at the following weekend’s planned events. People opened their hearts and wallets at the the events, an adoption event offering nail trimming and ear cleaning at Maine Pet and Aquarium, and a bake sale and Thanksgiving turkey raffle held at Mardens discount store, which brought in a combined total of close to $2,000. Better yet, 15 kittens were adopted. The group is heartened by the success of the two events, and will be back out with two more events, an adoption event at Pet Quarters in Bangor, and a bake sale at Mardens in Brewer the first weekend of December.

As any pet guardian or animal organization knows, those vet bills have to be paid in order to maintain access to medical care.

A local TV station reported on the story.

Forgotten Felines, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation dedicated to educating the public about free-roamingl cats by providing literature and advice on caring for feral, stray, homeless and abandoned cats, assisting in humanely reducing cat overpopulation with TNR, providing access to spay/neuter services and helping to place adoptable cats in loving homes.


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