5 Year Old Girl Rescues 5 Week Old Kitten

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A 5 year old girl named Myra was walking the family dog with her mother in the Roxbury section of Boston on Friday afternoon when she heard a kitten’s distressed cries. Myra and her mom found the kitten in a garbage can, tied inside of two plastic bags. They called the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which sent a team of rescue techs out to the scene to collect the kitty. A law enforcement officer was present at the time of the pickup and obtained evidence from the scene.

Myra was invitd to name the 5 week old kitten, and the name Paisley came to her. Paisley is now resting comfortably at the ARL. She will go into foster care until she is ready for adoption.

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5 thoughts on “5 Year Old Girl Rescues 5 Week Old Kitten”

  1. you have a heart of gold Myra. Another precious animal’s life has been saved thanks to you……

  2. Wish they could find the person that did that to that baby kitty & do the same thing to them!!!! I’m with the rest that are ashamed of the human race!!!! Thank you Myra for being this kitty’s guardian angel….you definitely earned your wings, my dear 🙂

  3. Myra you are a wonderful little girl. Good things will come back to you for showing such kindness and love. Always stay the way you are.

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