56 Beautiful Black & White Healthy Cats Turned In To Brevard County Shelter; Now Their Lives Are At Risk

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A man described as a hoarder left his 56 cats at Brevard County Florida shelter upon learning that he was being investaged for animal hoarding. Now the healthy cats’ lives are in danger unless they can be adopted out quickly, given foster care or taken by rescue groups.

An unmaned man brought his 56 clean healthy cats to the Brevard County Animal Services Shelter Care and Adoption Center in recent days when he learned that he was under investigation by Animal Control for hoarding. He will not be charged since he turned the cats over voluntarily but now his beautiful and healthy cats, all in various combinations of black and white, including tuxedos, are in danger of losing their lives to what is still called euthenization. They may be killed if thay are not removed from the shelter via adoption, fostering or rescue pulls.

The sudden influx brought the number of cats at the shelter to 231, which has overloaded capacity and caused cat cages to be piled as far as the facility’s break room.

Shelter manager Kathy Beatson cites the inexplicable yet accurate fact that black and black and white cats are the hardest to place, which compounds the difficulty of placing such a large number of similar looking animals.

Ms. Beatson has been frank in letting the public know that these cats are in danger of becoming shelter kills if they remain at the facility for too long or become sick from the effects of shelter overcrowding. She and the shelter have issued a plea for adopters, foster care givers and rescue groups to step up and help save these precious lives.

Adoption fees have been greatly reduced and the cats will be spayed, in an incentive to help people to come and save these lives. The county shelter has two branches, with the influx occurring initially at the Melbourne facility. The shelter is gratefully accepting donations of food and litter.

Link to those cats available for adoption which the shelter has had the time to post so far. This is a general list beginning with black and whites but includes those from the current influx. Click Here

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  1. If he was taking good care of them, why did he have to turn them over and why was he being investigated?

  2. The number shouldn’t matter as long as they are taken care of properly, aren’t a health problem to others and aren’t running loose!

  3. Then I would consider that hoarding. People that have multiple cats should have them spayed/neutered, tested for FIV/FeLV, keep them inside or have special cat fencing, keep them healthy, feed them properly and their living conditions should be clean!

  4. Praying that all these cats get a beautiful new home. I have a cat that looks just like the one in the picture~! God bless them and I pray that they get out of this shelter before, I can’t even type it~! Dear Lord Jesus hear my prayer and save everyone of these cats~!

  5. Hoarders are well meaning people that let a situation get out of control.. They get overwhelmed and need help to cope with the situation they have created for themselves.. It’s not an excuse but they have a problem that needs to be fixed. They love animals just as much as the next guy but don’t seem to realize that they can’t afford vet care and need to be educated instead of condemned.

  6. This is animal hoarding and that’s the consequences for not being a responsible pet owner. Animals get euthanized. 3 million animals put to death each year because people don’t spay/neuter. BE RESPONSIBLE!!!!

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