5 month old Ruby gets emergency surgery as donations pour in to save her life

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We read a story about a cat in the care of PALS (Pet Adoption and Lifecare Society), of Broomall PA, near Philadelphia, this morning, and the urgent appeal for funds to get her lifesaving surgery before it was too late.

Ruby is a 5 month old kitten who was abandoned and then hit by a car before being brought to PALS yesterday with a broken pelvis.  PALS said Ruby needed life-saving surgery today or she would be put down, because the fractured bones were blocking her bowels. The rescue said that Ruby would likely recover well if the surgery were done today.

PALS said of Ruby, in a statement, “This is the sweetest kitten, purring nonstop through the pain, eyes pleading to make it stop. She is thin, her gut is full of little bones presumably from the small animals she has been forced to eat in order to survive.”

Donations had already been made and a vet had promised primary care and radiography, but PALs said they needed $2.500 today in order to give Ruby her chance at life.

Thanks to the local NBC affiliate news division promoting the story, and the generosity of area residents, donations flooded in and Ruby had her surgery today. Once the procedure was underway it was discovered that Ruby’s injuries were worse than originally thought, so she also had a second surgery for a punctured abdomen.

Veterinary Referral Center cut their fees in half and provided the recovery room for Ruby at no cost.

Tonight, PALS is asking the public for something else, their prayers and good thoughts for Ruby to be albe to stave off infection and begin her journey to recovery.


3 thoughts on “5 month old Ruby gets emergency surgery as donations pour in to save her life”

  1. Continuous blessings to Ruby for fast healings! AHUGE THANK YOU to PALS and Veterinary Referral Center and the generous citizens of Broomhall, PA for everything you have done to help Ruby!

  2. I hope you can update us on how sweet Ruby is doing. My heart and prayers are with her.


    Auntie Mary

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