41 Pound Cat Brought to Shelter as a Stray in Richardson TX

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This big boy surely had a home and must be missing someone. The 41 pound cat, who is being called Skinny these days, was brought to the Richardson Animal Shelter in Richardson, TX a week ago, on September 13. The shelter doesn’t know anything about Skinny’s life before he entered their doors, but he is presumed to have had a home where he was doted on.

Skinny has been put up for adoption, and the shelter is looking for the right home for him, with someone who will manage his weight and exercise level, and who is prepared to deal with any health issues Skinny may have now or in the future. Skinny may face diabetes, joint problems, heart disease, liver failure and other conditions, all brought on by his excessive weight.

The shelter’s Resource Coordinator, Noura Jammal is quoted in today’s Dallas Morning News, saying “He is a very sweet and loving cat. He loves to have his belly rubbed.” Some fans of the Richardson Animal Shelter’s Facebook page reported seeing signs for a lost orange and white cat around town. It is our hope that if someone out there is looking for Skinny and missing him, they will see the story on the paper and reclaim him.

As with other extremely fat cats, Skinny may end up on a local TV news broadcast, which might help to locate his owner, if they are alive and well and able to take him. In most cases, a cat of this size coming to a shelter has lived with an elderly and infirm owner.

Prospective adopters can call the Richardson Animal Shelter at (972) 744-4480. The shelter is located at 1330 Columbia, Drive, Richardson, TX 75081.


4 thoughts on “41 Pound Cat Brought to Shelter as a Stray in Richardson TX”

  1. Poor baby…he’s a Beautiful cat. While he’s waiting to be adopted or to be found by his owners…He needs more space. PLEASE..A much larger cage. There is no
    way he can use his litter box in comfort…if at all.

  2. OH HE’S A GORGEOUS MARMALADE CAT!!! 41 pounds is amazing! How is it that all these Big Boys seem to be “Orange?” I hope this darling man finds a loving home with great people and lives good and healthy years to come!

  3. I too believe he has to belong to someone and is much loved. I hope he is found by his family soon, he looks sad and confused. I don’t think anyone deliberately abandoned him. Please don’t call him by that insulting name. Call him Gingersnap or something distinguished like he deserves.

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