40th Annual Cat Fanciers Show Draws Thousands

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Last weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee nearly 200 cats of 40 different breeds and over 1,500 people gathered for the 40th annual Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers Show.

Similar shows are held around the country almost every weekend.  But the show’s co-manager, Des Spencer, told the Knoxville News Sentinel that the cat show in Knoxville was likely the weekend’s largest.  “Traditionally, this is the biggest show this weekend,” Spencer said.

Spencer explained that the show’s new agility competition was a big part of attracting exhibitors.  “Agility is something that has become more popular with the CFA and we now offer regional awards for agility,” Spencer said. “More clubs are starting to offer agility at their shows in order to entice more exhibitors to come and enter their shows.”


The agility course features stairs, tunnels, hoops to jump through and various other obstacles for cats to navigate.

A total of ten judges from around the country judged show’s cats over the weekend. This was Knoxville’s first year to feature the agility category which is slowly being incorporated into other shows across the country.

The event also hosted local vendors and rescue cats looking to be adopted. The show’s publicity chairperson Laura Barber explained that the show is an opportunity for the Tennessee Valley CFA to connect with the public and share their love of cats.

“We do reach out to the public a lot and we do want people to know that it’s not just pedigree cats and that we do promote the rescues,” she said. “We can’t just have one type of cat, we have to involve all types. It’s a fun thing for families to do and come see.”

Lorna Friemath and her Balinese cat, Killer. (PHOTO:KNOXVILLE NEWS SENTINEL)

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