Woman is Reunited with Her Missing 17 Year Old Blind Cat After 4 Months

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Thanks to caring animal lovers and a Miami Beach police officer, a senior kitty is safely back home with her guardian again after four months.

vdkjfkhMiami beach, FL resident Maria Elena Colomer’s 17 year old vision impaired cat Sabrina went missing in April, and thanks to networking and the efforts of several good people Sabrina was found and returned to her grateful guardian.

“I was very upset,” Maria Elena Colomer told a WSVN news crew. “I didn’t know how [she could have survived], unless somebody picked her up and then decided they didn’t want her and dropped her off around here.”

During her search for Sabrina, Maria Elena saw a dead cat that looked so much like her missing kitty she believed it was her.

“It was horrible; I still have it ingrained in my brain,” she said.

Later on, a teenager found a skinny old-looking cat fitting Sabrina’s description wandering the streets, and Miami beach Police Officer Mary Jomorron was called in.

“She was a little thin; I could tell she was an old girl, but very sweet,” said Officer Jomorron.

“She had a growth on the side of her neck,” said volunteer and animal advocate Candice Flores. “Her vision was obviously compromised. She looked like a sick, very, very old cat, and we weren’t even sure she was going to make it.”

The cat’s rescuers named her Normandy and took her to Alton Road Animal Hospital, which helps with animals the police department picks up that are in need of care.

A conversation between Candice Flores and cat caretaker Eida Hernandez while the two were working together to save some kittens in August helped bring Sabrina – aka Normandy – home.

Despite a language barrier, Eida Hernandez told Candice about a woman who’d been driving around, extremely upset and searching for her cat.

“When a lady passed by looking for her cat, she said [the cat] was blind, old, and the lady looked very sad.”

Sabrina’s guardian recalled the conversation: “I was crying, and I said, ‘She’s half blind, I feel horrible, she’s 17 years old.”

Officer Jomorron, who has become Miami Beach’s first animal resource officer, managed to track Maria Elena Colomer to her home and visited her there, asking about her missing cat.

“She shows me a picture,” said Maria Elena “She said, ‘Is this your cat?’ and I go, ‘Yes,’ and she goes, ‘I have her,’ and I just started crying.”

The heartwarming story is told below:

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