Winslow Gets Help

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A JC Penney family portrait posted to Reddit and Imgur helped make a fundraiser for a kitten who needs surgery to walk a huge success, raising the needed funds in just four days.

22 year old student Alex Lubow adopted Winslow through a Craigslist post, giving the 4 week old runt of a litter a loving home.

Alex used some Groupon coupons in May for the photo session at Penney’s.

Winslow walked, ran and jumped like any other kitten until a genetic disorder manifested itself recently and the now nine month old young cat needs the surgery in order to walk, and to spare him from a lifetime of arthritis pain.

Alex set up a Help Winslow Walk Again! fundraiser page, using the adorable portrait studio images of the cute young man and his cute kitten. He shared the link to the fundraiser page by posting it, along with one of the photos, at Reddit and Imgur. The photo, naturally, got a lot of attention and donations began to pour in. The viral post made it to Buzzfeed and brought about a feature on HLN TV today.

The successful fundraiser has met its $6,000 goal. The original goal was for $3,000, but with $6,000 Winslow can have surgeries on both affected legs.

Alex explains at the Help Winslow Walk Again! gofundme page:

January 7: “Hello everyone. My name is Alex, and my cat’s name is Winslow. I have had Winslow since he was 4 weeks old. I adopted him off Craiglist, the runt of the litter!

“Recently, he started limping on his back legs. He has been diagnosed with Luxating Patellas, a genetic disorder that pops his back knees out of place.

“Right now he cannot walk on his left leg, and soon he won’t be able to walk at all. It is so hard to see my little guy in pain. I am doing everything I can to raise the money for his surgery, but being only 22, paying student loans, rent, and utilities, I can only raise the money so fast.

“I miss watching Winslow run. My little guy is only 9 months old, he has years left of being a playful kitten, but now he cannot even jump up on my bed.

“The longer we wait, the higher change we have of arthritis developing in those knees. And then he will be in pain for the rest of his life.

“I cannot thank you enough for your time, and support. Every donation helps.

“Much love, and many thanks. Alex & Winslow”

Alex wrote in an update today:

“WOW!!! WE MADE IT TO $6,000!! We now officially have enough money to get surgery on both legs!!! You all have given Winslow and myself the greatest gift we could ever receive. I never thought that this nightmare would bring so many people together. What I thought would be a never ending battle, was over in a matter of 4 days. TRULY INCREDIBLE!

“Please follow us @winslowlubow & on his We will be posting updates on his surgeries as well as the first times where we get to see Winslow run and jump again pain free. Thank you all so much for this incredible miracle!!

“The world is filled with beautiful people!!”

Alex announced at Twitter that he is no longer accepting donations. He invites well-wishers at follow Winslow at Twitter and at Facebook.



Winslow at 4 weeks plays with his sister Pearl.

Now that Winslow cannot walk, he’s the biggest couch potato! Here he is watching his favorite show Futurama.










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