Tiny Tim’s Christmas Miracle

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Tiny Tim in early December


A cat injured and unable to walk after he was hit by a car has gotten his Christmas miracle, as he is up and walking on his own. Tiny Tim was scheduled for surgery but his vets say his pelvis is healing.

Tiny Tim is in the care of the Burlington Humane Society in Burlington, ON. He is staying at the 24-hour emergency vet where he is receiving medical care.

Tiny Tim’s scheduled surgery was postponed when his vets said he needed a blood transfusion. The delay gave the cat time to show that he might be able to heal without the procedure.

The community rallied ’round when the humane society asked for help with Tiny Tim’s medical bills. Monies raised over the cost of a blood transfusion he received earlier this month, pain meds and care to date will be applied to his future medical care.

Burlington Humane Society wrote about Tiny Tim on December 2, saying:

Meet Tiny Tim. This poor cat came under the care of Burlington Humane last week after he was hit by a car. The driver did not stop to see what they had hit and left him on the road. A good Samaritan found him and called the closest veterinary clinic for assistance. He was pretty banged up and was unable to use his legs. Some of the clinic staff ran over to help and quickly brought the cat back to the hospital. He had cuts on his face and a deep laceration on his back leg. Medication was given to ease his pain, and he was transferred to an emergency clinic for immediate help.

Tiny Tim is about 2 years old and not neutered. He was found without a collar or tag, and no microchip.

Once he arrived at the emergency clinic we had his laceration repaired and authorized x-rays be taken to diagnose the extent of injuries. They showed that his pelvis was severely broken and displaced. Tiny Tim was in an extreme amount of pain. Since he is either a stray or an abandoned soul, it is up to the Burlington Humane Society to help this poor boy. Both IV fluids a pain medication drip was started to help keep him comfortable while it was determine what could be done. Numerous doctors reviewed his case, and they all said the same thing. If Tiny Tim was to live, this severe break was going to require expensive orthopedic surgery.

Because of the time sensitive nature of this injury, BHS needed to act fast. The surgery to repair his broken pelvis is scheduled for this Wednesday. The cost to care for Tiny Tim could be a high of $2,000 when you include the care he has received up until now, the cost of surgery, post operative care and rehabilitation, as well as, recheck appointments with a veterinarian. We are hoping that people will find it in their hearts to help with Tiny Tim’s medical bills. Please donate so that Tiny Tim will walk again, and hopefully find a new home for Christmas.


CHCH TV did a report on Tiny Tim on December 5, seen HERE.



Tiny Tim update from Burlington Humane Society, December 16:

First thing we would like to do is thank everyone for their generous donations! Each day we continue to receive support from the community and everyone at BHS finds it so inspiring.

Tiny Tim’s case has been brought to many different vets and two orthopedic surgeons to get opinions on what the next best step is for him now that he is stable, and no longer anemic.

After taking more x-rays it appears as though Tiny Tim’s pelvis has begun to heal on its own. The general consensus is that with some assistance he may be able to weight bear on his own without surgery! Tiny Tim really is a Christmas Miracle!!

Right now Tiny Tim is still receiving excellent care at a 24 hour emergency hospital, where he continues on good pain medication and receiving a little bit of physiotherapy. We have reports from the clinic staff that Tiny Tim has begun to get up on his own and he is now trying to walk and use his litter box.

Although we are all happy he does not need to go under for surgery at this point in time, we want everyone to know that all of the donations received will continue to go to his ongoing care. Tiny Tim will be going back to the specialist in a month for a recheck. If there are any neurological concerns or any developing issues with Tiny Tim all the supporting donations will be there for him.

Without overwhelming support for the community, Tiny Tim would not have had this second chance. Thank you so much to everyone who believed that the life of this single cat was worth saving.

Look at him go!!

These three photos show Tiny Tim already walking again on December 16.










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