The Rescue

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A Fresno, CA firefighter captured with his helmet cam the drama of finding a kitten lying motionless on the floor of a house after a fire, and then bringing the little one back to life.

The house fire on June 8 made the news, as did Lucky the kitten’s rescue. Our post Firefighters Revive Kitten After House Fire, of June 9, included video on the story.

Now a special video of the rescue, uploaded a week after the fire and shot with the helmet cam, shows the scene inside the house, with the seemingly lifeless kitten lying on a bedroom floor. Then we see the kitten come back to life with the aid of a small oxygen mask.

“I looked down and you can actually see the cat shining in the spotlight of my flashlight. And I looked back and that’s when I saw the cat and grabbed him,” said firefighter Cory Kalanick, who found the kitten.

Kalanick picked up the limp kitten, carried him outside and worked to bring him back to life. He cradled the kitten in his glove to protect him from the hot asphalt, poured water on him, then used an entire tank of oxygen over 15 minutes while massaging him.

Kalanick told CBS 47, “It’s a pretty cool thing that we get to help a kitten out.”

According to the news station’s followup report, neighborhood kids said Lucky was originally found in a shopping cart nearby.

After he was revived, Lucky was taken to the Central California SPCA, which says he has been reunited with his family.

Cory Kalanick’s wish for Lucky going forward is: “I really hope that cat is being loved.”

The video is made in the manner of a movie trailer.




9 thoughts on “The Rescue”

  1. What a story, Way to go. Our Firemen not only put out fires but save lives, even those of animals! Thumbs Up guys!!!!!!

  2. Great little film to follow up the original story. I too hope the kitten is ok. I realize in a crisis moment that we don’t think clearly, but it seems to me that little baby shouldn’t have been left behind.
    God Bless Cory Kalanick for being there and saving little “Lucky’s” life. Maybe he can follow up with the family to be sure everything is ok??

  3. These generalities are utterly ridiculous! This firefighter did an amazing thing that not all firefighters would have done. Just like there are good cops and bad cops. I do take personal offence to the doctor criticism though. My dad was a doctor who spent his life taking care of people, especially the poor and uninsured.

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