Reunited: Missing Cat Daisy Mae is Back Home After More Than a Year

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Kris Kirsch with Daisy Mae
Kai-Huei Yau photo, Tri-City Herald


A cat and her loving petmom have been reunited after spending over a year apart.  A rescue group the woman supports cared for the kitty for several months until a photo in their newsletter brought her home.

Pascoe, Washington resident Kris Kirsch  is grateful to have her beloved cat Daisy Mae back home with her after more than a year.

Daisy Mae had never wandered further than her backyard or that of a neighbor when she disappeared one day in the summer of 2012 and never reappeared.  Kris contacted animal control and posted missing cat notices on Craigslist but nothing came from her efforts. “I was heartsick, but I never gave up hope that I would find her one day, she said. ”

Unfortunately, Daisy Mae was not microchipped; she might have returned home much sooner had she been chipped.

The missing cat somehow turned up 20 miles from home, hanging around the deck of a POPP animal rescue volunteer in Horn Rapids.

Kris has no idea how her cat traveled 20 miles, across an interstate highway, unless she went along for an unplanned ride in the car and ended up in Horn Rapids that way.

The all-volunteer Richland, Washington rescue organization POPP (Pet Over Population Prevention) cared for Daisy Mae – or Abby, as she was known to them – and did their best to find her a home for nearly a year. They took her in, provided her with a good foster home, posted an adoption listing with Petfinder, and posted her photo and bio over and over again over the course of several months at their Pet Over Population Prevention Facebook page.

Photos of “Abby” appeared at the group’s Facebook page at frequent intervals going back to January 2013.

The group’s efforts putting “Abby”s little face out there paid off in the best way when her petmom finally encountered one of the photos.

POPP wrote at Facebook on October 2:

“For all of you still looking for a missing pet don’t give up hope! After about a year of being in our program Abby’s owner was found! She wasn’t aware of several of the services we use to list our cats and always just missed seeing her. But she saw a flyer recently that we featured Abby in. After over a year apart Abby, who really is Daisy Mae, has been reunited with her owner! So if you are missing your pet don’t give up! Check back with all local shelters regularly and watch sites like and for you missing fur-baby.”


Abby, who is really Daisy Mae, in a photo posted several times to Facebook over the months she was missing from home.


This is how “Abby” was described in the captions to her adoption photos”

“Abby is a beautiful tuxedo kitty. She is about a year old, and appears to have been an abandoned pet before a kind family rescued her. Abby is now a happy foster cat in the POPP program! Abby waits eagerly to be petted and loved on, and is very, very affectionate to her people. She is a bit of drooler when she is purring and ultra happy, but it is pretty charming! Abby is enthusiastic about soft food, playing with string toys, and sleeping on the window sill. She is really happy to interact with friendly people, but does not care for other pets so needs to be the only pet in her home. She can sometimes play a little too rough for small children, but would be fine for older children and adults. She deserves an inside home with a family who will love and take care of her always! ”

Although she didn’t do well with other pets while in care with POPP, Daisy Mae had cat and dog siblings back home, and she is fitting right back in with them again.

Kris spoke with the Tri-City Herald, telling about the reunion.

When she saw her cat in the POPP newsletter she was stunned. “I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “There was my Daisy Mae staring back at me in that photo. I knew it was her because I’m her momma and a momma always knows her baby.”

Kris contacted POPP and gathered proof that ‘Abby” was her missing cat Daisy Mae, then went to collect her.

“Daisy Mae was timid when I first saw her again. But after a few minutes, she came right up to me and I knew she remembered me because she started talking like she always used to do before she disappeared.”

“It’s nothing short of a miracle that my baby is home again,”

Kris collects food and supplies for POPP at her office and says all her pets are rescues.  She plans to have Daisy Mae microchipped.

Below are more pics of Daisy Mae that were posted online by POPP.









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