Pooky: Kitten lost on the Skyway bridge, found on Craigslist

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Hamburg NY resident Charlene Frasca discovered that her kitten Pooky was missing earlier this week. Pooky was located when Charlene saw a Craigslist post titled “Kitten found on Skyway”, and that found kitten turned out to be Pookie. Charlene drives across the Skyway bridge and now figures that Pooky climbed under or into Charlene’s car, then fell or jumped as the car traversed the bridge.

The Kitten found on Skyway post reads, “I just pulled a very young kitten off the Skyway. He has some scratches and a bad eye.  Someone please give him a good home soon. I can’t have cats where I live.”

You can see the “bad” eye in this pic

A man named Eric made a heroic rescue when he saw Pooky on the Skyway, then posted him as a “found” kitty at the online bulletin board. Charlene tells the story this way: “He sees my kitten on top of the Skyway. Goes all the way down and all the way back to rescue my little kitten. I mean he literally risked his life to get my kitten. And on top of it he’s allergic, which to me is even more heroic. So because he’s allergic he ended up giving the kitten to one of his friends to hold on to.”

Erice rescued Pooky at great inconvenience and danger to himself, then entrusted him to a friend while trying to locate his family or a new home . Thankfully, because Eric posted on Craigslist and Charlene checked there,  Pooky found his way back home.

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  1. Eric I am glad that people like you are in this world. Pooky I am sure is very happy to be back home with her owner. I am glad that this story had a very happy ending.

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