Naptime with Mango and Milkshake

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Milkshake wants to sleep. Mango does not. Mango and Milkshake just turned 3 months old and the only thing that’s changed with the strongly bonded pair who gained fame as babies in Mango Loves Milkshake is their size.

Mango and Milkshake remain in their foster home, and are still available for adoption together through Los Angeles based  Kitten Rescue. See our August 23 post Mango and Milkshake: Viral Video Stars Looking For Home for more.


Mango tries to eat Milkshake, in another naptime video from a month ago. Poor Milkshake, her kitten never lets her sleep.



The pair’s viral video from early August, 2012, Mango Loves Milkshake:


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