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Jethro’s stitches are out!

Meet Jethro, a young cat rescued in his hour of need and healed by SOCKS Save Our Cats and Kittens, Inc. a no-kill, all feline, free roaming shelter organization in Fort Walton Beach, FL, which is run largely with the help of volunteers.

SOCKS wrote when posting the photo below of Jethro wearing his cone, with his eye socket stitched up, to Save Our Cats and Kittens page at Facebook on November 2: “He was only a couple days old when found abandoned in FWB sick with URI and conjunctivitis. His wonderful foster mother nursed him back to health but his eye didn’t develop. He has had surgery and is now ready for the world. He is feisty, courageous and playful!”

When the shelter posted the very sweet photo above, on November 10, they wrote:  “Jethro has gotten his stitches removed and is more handsome than ever! Even though this is a little blurry-a toy swished by as I took the picture-I still like it because it shows his personality:) Jethro is now our official shelter lobby greeter and is the first thing visitors see. He is still looking for his forever home; we hope he finds his new family before Christmas.”

Jethro is listed at Petfinder, where his bio notes: “He is sweet, playful and feisty! Jethro is prone to upper respiratory and will need to continue his medication 2 times weekly most likely for the rest of his life. He is looking for that special someone to adopt him and provide him a forever home.”

Note: Jethro is NOT wearing a too-tight collar. He is wearing a temporary band wrapped around his fluffy fur. It is not as snugly fitted as it appears in the photos.




Jethro, looking cute in his Petfinder listing.



The top two large photos link back to their originals at Imgur, where they were posted by Reddit user thanox2 . The images also appear at the Save Our Cats and Kittens page at Facebook.


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  1. What a little sweetheart. <3 He looks like my Bailey, who rescued me back in the summer. Wish I could adopt Jethro, too, though I have no doubt he will make some lucky soul a great companion, and hopefully soon.

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