Cat is reunited with Owner After Dramatic Rescue from Viaduct

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Stockport, UK resident Stephen Jackson discovered the whereabouts of his missing cat Miku when a friend shared a story from the Manchester Evening Standard at Facebook.

Miku was the subject of a story on a dramatic rescue effort this week between the RSPCA and the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service after he’d been stranded atop a viaduct for two days.

Jackson contacted the newspaper, which helped reunite him with his cat, who was being kept at the  RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital in Salford.  The relieved petparent told the paper Miku’d been missing for three days., and said:  “I was amazed, I can see the viaduct from my house but I would never expect to look for my cat up there.”

“I was shocked. You always hear about these mad stories you don’t expect it to be your own cat.”

The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service tells the story of Miku’s rescue:

A STRANDED cat purred with delight as it was brought to safety after spending more than 24 hours on the viaduct in Stockport.

Firefighters worked with the RSPCA and used a hydraulic platform to bring the stranded feline to safety from the 90ft railway bridge.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) works with the RSPCA on animal rescues if there is potential for human life to be put at risk.

Following reports of a cat stranded on Stockport Viaduct on Chestergate firefighters joined workers from the RSPCA to set a trap in place to capture the cat when it finally decided to come down.

On Friday, November 22, firefighters returned to the address with the RSPCA to bring the captured cat down to safety.

Station Manager Chris Mycock said: “We worked with the RSPCA and used our hydraulic platform to bring the cat down to safety.

“We generally don’t attend cat rescues unless there could be potential risk to life, whether that be a member of the public or someone from the RSPCA or another partner agency.

“Although the RSPCA is more than capable of rescuing animals sometimes, like in this case, they didn’t have the right equipment to be able to reach them.”

The grey and white cat isn’t micro-chipped but does wear a collar and the RSPCA [appealed] for its owner to come forward.

RSPCA inspector Heather Morris said: “He was 90ft off the ground and 5ft down from the top of the viaduct, so it was a very difficult situation, made more difficult by the fact that it was dark.

“On initial assessment the risks involved to rescuers in trying to reach the cat were too great. In the light of day though, and after thoroughly exploring the options available, it was decided to go up on one of GMFRS’ hydraulic platforms. The cat wouldn’t come to us so the next option was to secure a cat trap up there.

“My colleagues were checking back throughout the afternoon but unfortunately he just would not get in. Thankfully, when we attended this morning, he was safe and secure inside.”

“This rescue would have been impossible without the assistance of GMFRS, and we’re extremely grateful to them for all they did to get this cat down safely,” said inspector Morris.


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