Cat Gets Heatproof Boots After Jumping on Hot Stove

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Photos, JUST EAT/Solent News & Photo Agency


Mischief has lived up to his name by jumping repeatedly on the stove and burning his paws. Now he has a set of rather silly looking custom made boots that will keep him from being burned.

Mischief’s custom made Kitten Mitten boots, looking something like they were meant for a giant Lego cat, were specially commissioned for him by UK takeaway food site Just Eat as part of their, “Don’t cook, Just Eat” campaign. Jackie Cable, wrote on the service’s Facebook page telling the story of her burn prone cat and was rewarded with the special footwear as part of Just Eat’s animals in the kitchen safety campaign held during National Pet Month.

Jackie said, “There have been at least three quite serious incidents when Mischief has hopped up onto the ceramic cooking plate and burnt his paws. On one of the first occasions they were burnt so badly it caused a cyst and I had to take him to the vet. A blister formed and the skin fell off which left his paw completely raw and painful to walk on. I felt so bad watching him lick his paw and struggle to play with our other pets that I took him to the vets to get it properly bandaged.”

“I’ve got one of these electric hobs which take a while to cool down after you cook something and Mischief is attracted by the warmth and the glow — not realising just how hot it is. I’ve usually managed to catch him at it, which means I can act fast and get his paws under the tap – you can imagine how much he hates that!”

Jackie said she first noticed Mischief’s interest in the cooktop when he was just a few months old.  His paws fit neatly into his boots, which have velceo straps that can be used if needed.

Jackie doesn’t say how often Mischief will be kitted out in his footwear; perhaps any time the cooker may be hot.




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