Belgian Shepherd Dog Adopts Kitten


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By Karen Harrison Binette



A dog at a Niagara Falls, Ontario farm has adopted a kitten alongside her litter of pups. The dog previously adopted the kitten’s mother when she was a kitten, too.

Coco the Belgian Malinois shepherd lives with the Warner family at Warner Ranch and Pumpkin Farm in Niagara Falls.  She recently had a litter of eight pups but was found with nine babies when Donna Warner went out to the barn to check on her one morning.  Mommy the cat had also birthed a litter and Coco had one of Mommy’s kittens with her and the pups.

Donna says Coco has always had a fondness for kittens, but she is surprised at how far the dog has taken that fondness.

Donna picked up the kitten when she first found it with the puppies and returned it to Mommy, but kept finding it back with Coco and her litter.  Donna said Mommy swatted the kitten when Donna first returned it to her.

“I don’t have a clue why this particular kitten keeps coming back,” Donna  said. “I’ve been on the farm here for 20 years and have never seen anything like this.”

“All of my animals are friendly, but I didn’t think they were that friendly.”

Donna Warner spoke with a news agency about her dog and the kitten, saying: “Coco had adopted the mother since she was a kitten and would carry it around the yard. Now, the cat is big so she drags it around the yard. When Coco had her own puppies I thought she would realize she’s a dog, but now she has pups and a kitten.”

“I guess I’m going to have to get used to the fact that Coco has her own pet.”

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  1. Cute story, but unless they are dog breeders (and responsible ones) I sure hope that Donna Warner gets mommies and babies altered after this…. Especially the barn cats…

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