37 Pound Cat Biggie is Recovering After Surgery

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Hugely obese at 37 pounds, Biggie came to the Riverside Cat Hospital in Riverside, California on Saturday with a serious health concern. His owner felt they could no longer care for him and was considering euthanasia due to the severity of his condition, so Riverside decided to adopt Biggie and get him the medical and weight loss help he so desperately needed.

The hospital wrote at Facebook, saying: “Biggie has joined the Riverside Cat Hospital family. He was admitted due to severe constipation that could require surgery. He would be high risk because of his enormous weight of 37 lbs. We are welcoming warm wishes for this lovable cat! He’s so sweet and isn’t he adorable!? If all goes well with his treatment, we will put him on a weight management plan so that we can reduce his health risks.”

Dr. Nichole Agarwal appeared with Biggie on the news, and his story has made headlines across the US and as far as the UK. We shared Biggie’s story on Monday, in Cat Hospital Adopts 37 Pound Cat.

An X-ray showed several large, hard blockages that Dr. Nichole Agarwal says were likely built up over several weeks and were caused by Biggie eating dry cat food and not drinking enough water.

Dr. Agarwal tried to treat Biggie with medication and enemas, but it turned out that the surgery was required. She was reluctant to perform the surgery herself due to the complications created by all the fat.

“I’ve never seen this much fat in a chest before,” Dr. Agarwal said. “Everything in his body is enormous from fat.”

Biggie went in for surgery to remove the blockages on Tuesday with Dr. James Wignall of California Veterinary Specialists, in Murrieta. He survived the surgery and came through very well. While the next few days will be wait-and-see, his chances for survival and recovery from the surgery look good.

Dr. Agarwal explains the risks for biggie’s recovery in the first few days after surgery in a video update below.

For now, Biggie is doing well, and his many supporters from all over are wishing him well.

Dr. Agarwal had set up a gofundme fundraising page to help pay for Biggie’s surgery, but California Veterinary Specialists performed the operation at reduced cost and Dr. Agarwal and her husband paid the bill out of pocket. The monies raised throgh gofundme will now be used to pay for medical care for pets whose family cannot afford the costs.

Dr. Agarwal took Biggie from the hospital to her home on Sunday, before he went to California Veterinary Specialists for his surgery and recovery. If Biggie recovers, as hoped, he will live with Dr. Agarwal, her family and their dog.

Biggie will remain at California Veterinary Specialists for up to a week while he recovers from his surgery.

Dr. Agarwal gave an update on Biggie following his surgery on Tuesday:


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