33 Pound Wheels is the New Heavyweight Champion Cat at OHS

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Wheels broke fat cat Walter’s record by become the fattest cat ever to be placed into the care of the Oregon Humane Society, last week. The 33 pound senior boy has dropped a few pounds since then and will be adopted to someone willing to look after his health and continue his careful weight loss plan.

Wheels is handsome and sweet, yet obese to the point that he looks uncomfortably and grossly fat. Another rescue organization turned him over to his current caregivers at the Oregon humane Society, knowing his health needs would be met effectively there.

Oregon Humane Society staffer Barbara Baugnon talks about how Wheels came to OHS and discusses his weight loss plan and overall health and well being. OHS also managed the weight loss plan for a 28 pound fellow named Walter, earlier this year. Walter’s story is found here:  Fat Cat Walter is Adopted, and Ordered to Gain Before Losing.


Here’s more with Wheels.



OHS was in the news earlier this week, when their modern facility was able to continue providing medical care when the power went out. See Oregon Humane Society Performs Surgeries Despite Power Outage for that story. For other OHS related stories, click here.


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