3 Year Old Girl’s Best Friend is National Cat Award Finalist

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Photo via STV Aberdeen


Little 3 year old toddler Kenzie McNeil and her cat Baby Boy both struggled to survive after they were born. Now the two are inseparable, loving companions.

Baby Boy was rescued from appalling, neglectful conditions in a house full of cats at what STV Aberdeen calls a kitten farm.

Vet staff said the terrified and malnourished Burmese kitten was unlikely to survive – but he pulled through with round-the-clock care from his new owner, Jacqueline McNeil of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, UK.

Jacqueline’s daughter Kenzie was born not long afterwards with serious medical conditions, including Strep-B-induced pneumonia and meningitis. Luckily, she too survived her early challenges.

Although Baby Boy’s rough start in life could have made him fearful of humans, he has bonded with the toddler. STV says the two cuddle and sleep together and Kenzie even cleans the kitty’s teeth.

Baby Boy is a finalist for Cats Protection UK’s 2014 National Cat Awards in the Outstanding Rescue Cat category. The awards will be made in August.

The National Cat Awards are designed to celebrate the extraordinary tales of survival, companionship and bravery in the feline world.


Photo via Cats Protection




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