Video: Blind Peri Gets His New Home

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Blind kitty Peri was found on the street in Muscat, Oman. He became a playful and happy foster, received an operation, and found a new home in the US. Videos show him happily playing both in foster care and in his new home.

Peri was found by an expat who cares for some of Muscat’s cats and dogs and was then entrusted to the foster caregiver who turned his life around and found him a new home far from the streets of Muscat. Peri’s foster mom Rasheno runs a pet sitting service and is part of the loose network of caregivers tending to their city’s strays. Rasheno has a blind cat named Lucy, so was well suited to care for Peri.

Oman has a high percentage of foreign workers who, though highly paid, often abandon their pets when they leave. Caregivers like Rasheno do what they can for those and their community’s other stray cats and dogs. Rasheno writes at Peri’s fundraising page: “There are so many homeless and stray pets in Oman. Most of the time people like me foster cats or dogs till we find someone to adopt them. Other times all we can do is just catch, neuter/spay and release. The fact is that there is a limited number of animal loving expats and locals here in Oman so we find ourselves getting creative in finding people who will adopt our homeless animals. Most of us already have 3-5 rescues at home who we have permanently adopted ourselves.

The animal groups here do so much to raise funds for local animal welfare like, have yard sales, table tops sales at private schools, Bingo nights, etc…  However, our funds are very limited for the capacity of the problem we are dealing with. We need every penny we can raise to help with our cause here. It is tough for homeless/stray pets here in Oman. In the summer, the temps can go over 100F. It is mostly sand, asphalt and concrete buildings so animals can’t find safe places to hide and find shelter. The average lifespan for a cat is 5-6 years max if they make it through kitten-hood. We are all doing the best we can.”

Peri was one of the lucky ones to be fostered, and to successfully find a home. He is one of many who are transported to Europe and the US. While in foster care, Peri had surgery on his eye sockets to clear tissue, prevent infection, and close them up. When Rasheno reached out to them, Oskar the blind cat’s family shared Peri’s story and the link to the adoption transport fundraising page at their Oskar, Klaus and Friends blog. Peri’s story spread, the fundraiser met it goal, and Peri found an adopter in Florida.

The first video below, uploaded yesterday, shows Peri in his new home in the US. Beneath that are earlier videos on Peri taken while he was in foster care, to show the world how sweet and adoptable a little blind Omani cat could be.
Blind Peri in his NEW hom
Here is Peri playing just a short time after a 29 hour flight from Muscat, Oman via Lufthansa, to Florida. Omani cats are brave, strong and have big hearts. He is already comfortable with his new caretaker.


Blind Cats Can Play-Peri playing 3-16-2012


Blind Peri Playing-Part 3. The toy mouse.


Peri’s adoption poster:


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