Tango, cat missing for 10 months, is rescued and returns home

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The happy ending to this story is thanks to a very, very good Samaritan who saw a cat get hit by a car, took her to the vet, paid for her care, and returned her to the woman who had been missing her for 10 months.

Tango the cat had been missing from her West Palm Beach FL home for 10 months when she was struck by a car recently and lay helplessly on a roadway median with a broken pelvis. Local restaurant owner Rocco Mangel saw her getting hit and laying there, and, with the help of his ex-wife, rescued her and took her for veterinary care. Rocco raised money for the cat’s care, and pitched in some of his own money to help her recover from her injuries.

A microchip scan at the vet identified Tango as Sara Stout’s missing cat.  As we can see in the video below, Sara is thrilled to know that Tango is safe and to have her back again.

Rocco says he does not want to be paid back for his efforts but, instead, hopes people will be inspired to pay it forward.

6 thoughts on “Tango, cat missing for 10 months, is rescued and returns home”

  1. What a wonderful man! I like this story. I hope that all animals in need have such a caring human looking out for them. Great story. The microchip is the best thing ever.

  2. Wow, for once a story that brought joyful tears to my eyes versus sad tears!! Thank you Rocco for saving that cat. Thank you for feeling that it deserved to live!! I will continue to pay it forward as well!!!

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