Separated Kitten Siblings are Happily Reunited by Adopters

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The kittens, in a photo shared by their new family.


Two bonded littermates who were separated when they were turned in to the shelter are back together again thanks to their new family.

Three month old littermate kittens Manny (formerly Pumpkin) and Rosie (formerly Belle) are back together again after a separation that left Rosie forlorn and in decline.

The pair came to the Seattle Humane Society  in Bellevue, WA as part of an unplanned litter and were separated when Pumpkin was adopted right away.  Belle missed her brother and ended up in foster care after quickly going downhill.

Once she was healed from a respiratory infection and strong again, she was put up for adoption.  Pumpkin’s adopters spotted her listing immediately and promptly brought her home to rejoin her brother.

The pair enjoyed a happy and loving reunion and are living out their happily-ever-after together in their new home.

The shelter told the story at their Seattle Humane: The Humane Society for Seattle/King County page at Facebook on December 19, saying:

“Miss Belle was just adopted! This little 3-month-old kitten was surrendered to Seattle Humane with her brother, Pumpkin, as part of an unplanned litter. When Pumpkin was adopted right away Miss Belle became so upset that she stopped eating and then fell ill with an upper respiratory infection.

“Many shelters don’t have the resources to care for young pets who have especially susceptible immune systems, but thanks to Seattle Humane’s Foster Care Program we were able to place Miss Belle in a loving volunteer foster home where she received lots of one-on-one care and medication.

“Miss Belle made a full recovery and was just made available for adoption today. As luck would have it… the family who adopted Pumpkin had learned that he had a sister who had fallen ill and when they finally saw her appear on our website today they raced down to Seattle Humane and adopted her!

“Tonight, this once sick little kitty will not only be part of a loving family, but will also be reunited with her brother Pumpkin in a warm and wonderful home.

“Happy Holidays to Miss Belle and thank you so much to her new family for adopting not one, but two pets in need this holiday season!”

The shelter shared a note from the kittens’ adopters yesterday, which reads:

“The reunion between the two was absolutely heartwarming. They kissed, kissed and kissed each other’s face for the longest time. They were both so happy. She acclimated to the house immediately, with him as her guide. Their personalities are so different. She is sweet as a princess and he is like a monkey on a cupcake. They have made our home filled with love and laughter.”


Rosie (formerly Belle) with her new petparents on December 19.





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