Quirky the Blind Kitten – “Gettin outa Bed”

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Quirky in a July 2014 photo
Photo via Facebook


Quirky the Blind Kitten wakes up and has to find his ramp so he can get down off the bed in this heartwarming video showcasing the can-do little cat.

The adorable blind kitty named Quirky had a rough start in life until he ended up at a shelter that reached out to a local resident, asking her if she could take him and save his life.  Quirky was adopted by San Juan, WA residents Frank and Vicky Giannangelo in August of 2013, and in January 2014 the family moved to New Mexico.

Quirky – who has grown from a little blind kitten discovering his world to a happy young cat – stars in a series of cute YouTube videos and has his own Facebook page. He enjoys life with the Giannangelo family and their other pets.



Vicky says in Quirky’s biography: Quirky is a kitten blind from birth. The local shelter asked if we would adopt him when he was 5 weeks old and we did. He is way beyond cute.

He was found in the woods with his sister near the San Juan Island dump and brought to the local shelter. He was almost put to sleep because he was blind, and had head shakes. He has outgrown most of the head shaking, but when he in intent on something, you can notice a little quivering.

He is a very happy kitty and really navigates well… he will run his ears along a wall until he knows where the doors are. Sometimes he runs into the wall at a full run when he is playing with another kitty, or running around too fast. He still does not know he is supposed to lick his furs or his hind end…but we give him little wipes now and then. He is pure joy.

Quirky wishes to bring awareness that blind kittens are great to adopt, and that they quickly adapt to their world, and that no one need hesitate if they fall in love with one…

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You can follow Quirky at his Quirky the Blind Kitten page at Facebook.

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