Pretzel, The Little Kitty That Could, Explores New Cosy Digs After Surgery

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“As you can see from the picture I got a new haircut and a new wrap. I am feeling great and want to run around willie nillie but the doctor said I am grounded.”

Pretzel, The Little Kitty That Could, had a successful leg surgery at the University of Florida at Gainesville on Thursday, and her guardian Carmen Bernard posted a video today, with Pretzel getting around on her bandaged leg as she explores a nice, large, secure enclosure given to her by a friend.

An update at Facebook immediately following surgery said, “Your prayers, well wishes and support have paid off! The doctors were able to get everything aligned like they wanted to in the knee. There is a plate in the femur and in the tibia.”

Two days after surgery, Pretzel is using her right hind leg and sitting upright in a way that she was unable to before.

Carmen found Pretzel in the middle of the road in Jacksonville, FL on December 9, 2012. At first she thought the young kitten was injured, but a trip to the vet led to the understanding that the kitten was born with special needs and deformities. Pretzel was born with her right hind leg twisted and facing backward, and her pelvis and left leg are somewhat abnormal, as well. She is blind and will remain so.  Her little tail is stubby, too.

The recent surgery addressed Pretzel’s most significant disability.

For more information, updates and photos of Pretzel, visit The Little Kitty That Could Facebook page.

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“Our friend Cyndi sent us this awesome doggy dorm for me to rest in while I recover from my surgeries.”


Hard to get a good view from above but I want to make sure you can see that I am standing and walking on my new leg 🙂 Mommy is just over the top happy!
Photos via The Little Kitty That Could on Facebook

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  1. I found this kitty’s FB page only 3 days ago and I am totally in love with her! She is so adorable & she is receiving one huge hug from all around the world. With nearly 12,000 followers, she is becoming quite the celebrity!

    Hugs & Kisses to you, sweet little Pretzel! :^)

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