Police Rescue Kitten From Sewer

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Logansport, Indiana police officers rescued a kitten trapped below ground in a sewer Monday evening.

Local resident Patricia McClelland, seen in the photo above, saw the kitten fall into the sewer and called the police for help.

Patricia told the Pharos-Tribune that she and a friend spotted the kitten near the sewer and tried to save it, but the kitten became frightened and jumped in.

“I’m not gonna let this little thing stay in the drain,” she told the paper. “If [the police] didn’t come I was determined to get it anyway.”

A nearby Advance Auto store employee brought tools to help pry up a manhole cover and the officers freed the kitten after about 20 minutes.

Officer Andy Strong climbed down into the sewer and brought the kitten back up above ground.

“When a cat is in a tree they call the fire department. When it is in the sewer, they call us,” one of the officers said.

“You are going to take this kitten home?” Officer Strong asked the young woman who called for help. Patricia held the kitten tight and promised she would.











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