Our Kitten Hazel

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Hazel is a beautiful, healthy, inquisitive and adorable kitten who can expect to enjoy a long and happy life. The person who dumped her in a dog poo bin did not value her existence or her right to happiness. Her rescuers see things quite differently.

Auckland, New Zealand resident and Lonely Miaow cat rescue organization supporter David Hall made the lovely video of Hazel the kitten seen below, and added this thought-provoking brief commentary in his introduction:

Hazel was found in a doggy poo bin at a dog park near MOTAT in Auckland New Zealand. She was covered in dog poo when found. My wonderful partner, Katy wrapped her up in a towel, took her home and bathed her. She loves her belly rubbed, her microwave snuggle safe and tiger blanket!

I uploaded this for a few reasons.

1. I hope the person that dumped her sees this. No matter what your reason, please don’t do it again.

2. Hazel is cute

3. I feel that after much consideration, YouTube needs another cat video.

Cats get abandoned too often in this country. While it probably only had 3 days to live in the bin, it might have another 15 years with us.

Sound Credits: Two Steps From Hell – Will We Ever Meet Again

4 thoughts on “Our Kitten Hazel”

  1. She is a darling baby. How horrible to be stuff inside that bin! She deserves so much better than that. I think the person that put her there should spend a day stuff in a sewer with waste dropping down on them and see how they like it.

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