NYC Hurricane Shelters Pet Friendly

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If New York City residents need to leave their homes for city shelters they will be allowed to bring their pets, but will be responsible for their care.

According to the city’s Office of Emergency Management, “Legal pets with proper identification” will be admitted to shelters with their owners.

The city advises that pets be boarded or left with friends and family outside the city, but will accommodate them if they have nowhere else to go, or need to remain with their owners.

We add that, in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, NY residents should do everything in their power to guarantee that their pets NOT end up loose or abandoned and in danger of ending up at the city’s ACC facilities.


From the New York City Office of Emergency Management:

Hurricane Shelters
If the mayor orders an evacuation of coastal areas, the City strongly recommends evacuees stay with friends or family outside evacuation zone boundaries. However, for those who have no alternative shelter, the City has identified hurricane shelters throughout the five boroughs.

All New Yorkers are welcome at NYC Evacuation Centers and Hurricane Shelters regardless of their immigration status. The shelters are secure facilities with public safety personnel on site. They are designed to accommodate people with disabilities and special needs.Please bring bedding, toiletries, medication, and other personal items for you and your loved ones traveling with you.

The NYC emergency sheltering system is friendly to all pets but you will be responsible for their care so please bring your pet’s food, leashes, cage, and medication.Service animals that assist people with disabilities are allowed in hurricane shelters. Ideally, you should arrange to shelter other pets at a kennel or with friends or relatives outside the evacuation area. Legal pets with proper identification will be admitted into shelters with their owners. Owners should bring cleaning and food supplies with them, as well as containers and leashes.
Learn more about the city’s recommendations for emergency preparedness for pets.

Officials will notify evacuees when and if it is safe to return to their homes. Since hurricanes are highly destructive, residents may not be able to return home for weeks.

Evacuation Centers

The City will ask all evacuees seeking public shelter to report to an evacuation center. These centers are located in all boroughs, are easily reached via public transportation. Some centers provide parking facilities.

Each evacuation center is associated with several hurricane shelters in what is known as its “solar system.” There are currently 65 such systems in the City, each of which can accommodate an average of 10,000 people. Evacuation centers help ensure the number of people in each shelter is roughly the same to reduce overcrowding and underused facilities. At the evacuation center, evacuees will be assigned to a particular evacuation shelter and be transported by bus or van.

To find out the location of your nearest evacuation center, use OEM’s Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder to locate your evacuation zone, and the system will direct you to the proper facility. During an emergency, you can also obtain this information by calling 311.



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