Nelson: 20 Year Old Cat Overcomes Adversity and Beats the Odds

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Nelson poses with his petparents, Andrea Huntley-Crow and Dave Crow


Nelson is a true survivor, a cat who has lived through an attempted drowning, life on the docks, and the loss of an eye due to an attack by thugs.  Five years ago, the now-20 year old feline finally decided to find himself a home and, despite a recent heart tumor diagnosis, he continues to thrive.

Callously thrown into the sea in a sack as a kitten, Nelson was one of only two of his littermates to survive when a fisherman plucked them from the waves. There followed some harsh years for Nelson, living rough on the docks at Seaham, UK, near Sunderland, occasionally gaining shelter from the elements in the fishermen’s cabin. Living rough took its toll, and Nelson lost an eye when a gang of youths threw rocks at him.

In 2009 Nelson’s life turned around when he  adopted a family and found a good, safe and comfortable home. Work had started on the new Seaham Harbour Marina, and the workmen and their loud and disruptive heavy machinery were frightening for the cat. Nelson got his forever home when the Huntley-Crow family of Seaham, UK visited the Seaham Harbour Marina one day. He followed them to their car as they left and they decided to adopt him. Nelson adapted to the good life and has become a treasured family member.

Despite being diagnosed with an inoperable heart tumor in January 2014, Nelson has fought back and amazed vets with his zest for life.

Nelson’s owner Andrea Huntley-Crow said in a story published in the Northern Echo: “Nelson is our little miracle, a real character and we love him very much.”

Nelson is a finalist for Cats Protection UK’s 2014 National Cat Awards in Most Incredible Story category. The awards categories will be judged at The Savoy Hotel on August 7.

The National Cat Awards are designed to celebrate the extraordinary tales of survival, companionship and bravery in the feline world.

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Nelson at the docks

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