Neighbors band together to rescue kitten

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It was a community effort to rescue a pretty little kitten trapped down a drainpipe below ground, but one man climbed down a manhole and well into the pipe despite being warned not to by authorities.

Residents of a Rowlett, Texas neighborhood  say police, firefighters and animal control all deemed it too dangerous to try to rescue the kitten from the drain in the Dallas suburb. Unwilling to leave the kitten in the drain, where it could drown or starve, the neighbors banded together to help.

Jonathan Trantham went down into the drain and followed the kitten through a narrow drain pipe. He jumped 10 feet down a manhole then traveled down the street and around a corner while underground, going deeper and deeper as he went further in the drain.

“It ran from me the whole time, ” said Trantham.

Trantham says he faced his two greatest fears during the rescue: tight spaces and roaches.

“Looking back, I was a little scared,” he said.

After one of the neighbors blocked off the other end of the pipe, the kitten went into a carrier and was safely brought up above ground.

Neighbors named the kitten Storm. She is available for adoption.

Watch the CBS DFW report on the story:


3 thoughts on “Neighbors band together to rescue kitten”

  1. You read these rescue stories from the UK, Canada and Australia where authorities go to great lengths to rescue animals no matter what, but then you read one here from the US where they refuse to rescue a little kitten yet untrained neighbors take the risk and go after this beautiful kitten. Thank God for these wonderful caring people….this is what life should be about…caring for those who can’t help themselves, even in the animal world. What a great inspiration for the children of these people….helping a frightened animal. These folks should be so proud of themselves and to me are true heroes !! I hope little Storm gets a loving wonderful home that she can stay inside in for all her life.

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