3 Months and 134 Miles Later, Kitz Comes Home

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A microchip scan brought Kitz the cat back home to Jason Williams in Leeds, UK after the woman feeding her, 134 miles away in Mildenhall, took her to the vet for a checkup and the scan revealed her identity. Kitz went missing in May and had been visiting Mabel King in Mildenhall for several weeks before Mabel, with help from Cats Protection Breckland Branch, captured her and got her to Aquarius Veterinary Centre.

Breckland Branch Cats Protection volunteer Alison Lardner reunited Kitz with Jason on August 12. Jason never gave up hope and is thrilled to have Kitz back again. It is not known how the cat traveled so far away, but it is thought she may have gotten into a vehicle and gone for a long ride.

Cats Protection is always glad when a cats can be reunited with their loved ones, and encourages all pet owners to microchip their animals.

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