Marmalade, the hugging rescue cat saved from death!

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Jennifer Galuszka is a young equestrian event rider from the UK who has an obvious affinity for animals. This week, she shared a video of her rescued, supposedly feral, cat Marmalade giving big, amazing hugs – and even jumping up for them – and told his story.

Jennifer writes:

“This cat had a bad start in life, but is now in a loving home!

“He was rescued by the Cats Protection League when he was only a year old. He was deemed to be a ‘feral’ cat, and fortunately thanks to the CPL ‘Feral cat’ scheme, he was adopted by a lady who owned a farm in Devon and wanted some yard cats to keep the mice population down. However once he was loose he ran away, and found himself on a neighbouring farm for the next 3 years, scavenging on any food he could find and living under some caravans in very poor condition.

“I went to work on this farm in the Summer of 2012 and we sort of found each other at a time when we needed each other. It sounds really ‘cliche’ but literally the day before I had found someone out hacking who had taken their own life and being miles away from home it was a difficult time. It was the next day when I first heard this cat meowing from underneath a caravan. He was extremely scared of people, and the other people there told me that I would never get near him. But we found each other at a time of need and now have an amazing bond!

“Day by day I built up his trust, but the owner of the property did not like cats and warned they would shoot him, unless I promised that when I left that place of work I would take him with me. Of course I did and he is now happily living with me forever!

“Hopefully as you can see he is now one very happy cat!”






Watch the video:

You can see more about Jennifer at her J-G Equestrian website.

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  1. He reminds me of an old cat of mine, Henry, he was a farm cat but we got him as a kitten, very affectionate. He’s beautiful Jennifer x

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