Man Caring for Strays Gets Help

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vfhyScituate, RI resident Robert Horton started putting out food for two homeless, apparently feral, cats and ended up with more than he bargained for when both cats took up residence in his yard and each had a litter of kittens.

Concerned that the kittens would reproduce and he’d be overrun, Robert started calling around for help and got none until he contacted WPRI Channel 12 and its Call for Action line.

Problem Solver Susan Hogan was able to help. Once she was on the case, Rhode Island Community Spay/Neuter Clinic offered to spay the two mama cats free of charge and The Scituate Animal Shelter took all of the kittens.

Call 12 For Action let area residents know that they found several organizations in Rhode Island willing to take in strays or offer free services such as spay and neuter surgeries.

Robert Horton tells part of his story:

“So I ended up feeling sorry for them because I’m a real animal lover.  I put food out for them and that only led them to come more and more.”

Horton continued to feed the cats and to give them shelter.

By this past summer, “The two cats each had four kittens and they all moved in.”

As time passed and he was refused by several shelters,  Hogan feared that things might get out of control fast.

“The kittens were getting older and I would be faced with kittens having kittens and then I said, let me call Susan Hogan and maybe get some help.”

Hogan is happy to care for the two spayed cats and relieved that they will not have any more kittens.



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