Lucky Thrives as Man Who Beat Him With Golf Club Pleads Guilty

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You may remember the story of Lucky, the 3 month old kitten Richmond, KY resident Gary L. Foster beat with a golf club and then threw against a wall last August.

Lucky was rescued by Rocky Alexander and received his medical care at Barnes Mill Animal Hospital in Richmond, where he underwent a four hour surgery to repair his broken front legs.

Animal lovers rallied to Lucky’s cause and sent donations to cover the cost of his surgery and care.

Lucky was later adopted and is doing very well today, though his doctor says he will suffer from arthritis in his front legs long term.

Gary Foster was charged with felony animal cruelty but the charges were later downgraded to misdemeanor animal cruelty. Kentucky has a law making animal cruelty a felony, but a first offense can be charged as a misdemeanor.

This week, nearly a year after the attack on the kitten, Foster pleaded guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty charges in a Madison County Courtroom Tuesday morning. Because of an unusual deal offered by the prosecution, he will stay out of jail and pay forward the amount of restitution in small, painless amounts.

Foster was sentenced to 280 days in jail with credit for time served. The remaining 90 days were waived in exchange for payment of $4,000 to the Madison County Humane Society, in installments of $75 a month until the debt is paid in full.  If Foster fails to make a payment, he will serve his remaining 90 days. A status check is scheduled for February 11, 2014 to ensure that Foster is meeting his obligation.

The judge set payment at $4,000 as that was the cost of Lucky’s surgery.

“Originally, they wanted to do a restitution deal, but so many people gave donations, it wasn’t practical to send money back,” explained Dr. Jack Taylor, Lucky’s vet. “So, they decided to give it to a good cause.”

“I just don’t know what would make him do this to a little kitten,” Darica Coates, Lucky’s owner commented in a feature at WKYT news.  Darcia adopted Lucky when his rescuers were unable to keep him.






Barnes Mill Animal Hospital posted this earlier pic of Lucky with his bandages at Facebook on January 24, 2013, and wrote:
“Today is National Change A Pet’s Life Day. Everyday, many of you change a pet’s life, but there is one story that stood out this past year for us. That would be the story of the kitten, Lucky. Most all of you know the story of Lucky, and we believe he is one of many that has had their life changed dramatically. He is a great example of an animal with tremendous courage and fight within him. When he was just a small kitten, he had a hard fight in front of him, but he has come out a beautiful and healthy cat, thanks to many pet lovers like you!”


Lucky, healed and growing into a handsome cat.


Photos at top and bottom via the Lucky the Broken Kitten Facebook page.

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  1. Lucky, I’m so sorry that a mean, mean person did this revolting act to you. I’m happy that you are healing and hope you get the love and attention that you so deserve!

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