Lost Cat Maximus’ Christmas Eve Rescue

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Indoor cat Maximus got out and was missing for a week before he was discovered to be stranded with an injury up high in a pine tree on a steep hillside. A highly trained rescue team got him safely down from the tree and back home to his relieved and grateful owner on Christmas Eve.

The highly trained rescuers at the city of Los Angeles’ SMART (Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team Los Angeles) team responded to a call for help when a cat fitting Maximus’ description was found to be stuck in a tall tree on December 24. The team got Maximus safely down from the tree and reunited him with his family.

SMART tells the story:

Maximus, an indoor cat, was missing since December 18th. Fearing the worst, his owners posted “lost cat” signs throughout the neighborhood hoping that someone would find their lost family member. On Christmas eve,someone called SMART for a cat, appearing to be injured, stuck 50 feet up a pine tree.

[Rescue team members] Nav, Ramon and Mr. Fox arrived and decided to use Buckingham Climbing Spurs to quickly reach Maximus. Ramon got the nod, geared up and began the climb. Maximus appeared to be injured from his abdomen and, to make things more difficult, he moved out on a branch out of Ramon’s reach.

Ramon was able to make the grab with an extension pole and safely lower Maximus to the ground.

Maximus had a microchip and was reunited with his loving family. He was taken to a veterinarian and was treated for dehydration and a minor bite wound but was home for Christmas.












See the SMART rescue of Maximus:


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