LittleFoot the Rescued Kitty

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A tiny kitten was picked up, then dropped, by a hawk, and then left to wander in someone’s yard. A caring woman has adopted him and, with help, is getting him needed care. LittleFoot is sweet, friendly, and loves people.

Margaret Lozano, of Oviedo, Florida, was told by a neighbor on February 21 that a tiny kitten was hanging around all alone in another neighbor’s yard. Margaret brought the little kitten home to feed and protect it and decide what to do. No one knew of a family missing a kitten, and no one had seen the mother cat. As far as anyone knew, this kitten was truly lost and alone.

After getting the little fellow home, Margaret and her daughter Tessa realized that he was injured, with a broken leg. Margaret’s usual vet prescribed antibiotics and pain medication, and wanted to keep the kitten overnight, maybe longer. Margaret is retired on a fixed income, and it was apparent that the treatment for LittleFoot, as the family named him, was going to be  expensive. At some point, LittleFoot’s broken leg would need to be addressed.

Margaret brought LittleFoot home, wondering how to proceed. By chance – or providence – she happened to strike up a conversation with Phyllis Ayoob of the local group Spay and Save while picking up dog food for her Bichon at PetSmart.  Phyllis and her organization have an arrangement with Seminole Trail Animal Hospital, in Winter Springs, and arranged for Little Foot to receive treatment there. Margaret has expressed gratitude to both Spay and Save and the animal hospital, for making sure that LittleFoot got the care he needed, regardless of Margaret’s financial constraints.

This was especially fortunate, in light of another injury LittleFoot was found to have. After he’d been home with Margaret and her family for a couple of days he had a a nasty mess when moving his bowels. Margaret bathed him gently in a bowl, with a mild shampoo, and was shocked to find that the bath caused a previously unknown skin wound to open up and reveal itself; there was a large flap of skin and fur torn loose from Little Foot’s back.

The wound was initially thought to be from a dog bite, but LittleFoot’s vet at Seminole Trail, Dr. Marianne Janosco, determined that LittleFoot must have been picked up and carried off by a hawk, who was unable to maintain the hold and dropped him. Margaret says there are a lot of hawks in her area, and it would not be unlikely for this to have happened. The wound with the torn flap of skin is thought to be from when he dropped from the hawk’s talons, and his broken leg is presumed to have resulted from his fall to the ground. The leg is broken in three places.

LittleFoot is not just an injured kitten with no Mama. He is described by everyone; Margaret, who is his new petmom, Margaret’s daughter Tessa, and staffers at the animal hospital, as being friendly, outgoing and completely loveable. He is safe, well loved, has caring friends, and is improving with the very best medical care.

LittleFoot stayed at the hospital for a several days, being monitored and receiving daily laser treatments for his wound. The laser treatments have been remarkably effective, and he went back home yesterday. He will go to the hospital every two days for laser treatment until the wound fully heals. When his wound is healed and he is strong and showing no sign of infection, his broken leg will be addressed. The decision on the best solution for LittleFoot’s leg will be made when he’s ready to have it treated. It’s possible that pins will be put in place to save the leg. It is also possible that they may amputate. LittleFoot’s youth and the good progress he’s made so far are working in his favor, so his leg may well be saved and repaired. Time will tell.

For now, LittleFoot has a comfy nest in the bathtub. It’s lined with soft blankets and filled with his toys. The two month old kitten drags his broken leg, but he gets around. Family members, including Margaret’s grandchildren, come to visit him and keep him company when he’s in his safe and snug little nest. LittleFoot loves attention and companionship and is happy to be loved. Though she has not had him for long, Margaret already loves her boy deeply and there is no question that he is now part of the family.

We spoke with Seminole Trail Animal Hospital today, and they would welcome any donations made to help with the costs of LittleFoot’s care. Those who wish to donate can do so with credit cards over the phone at 407-366-5806 or 407-366-4486, or by sending send a check or money order to Seminole Trail Animal Hospital, 383 Vistawilla Drive, Winter Springs, FL 32708. They can be contacted by email at [email protected]  The hospital is not currently set up to take payment through PayPal.

Tessa set up a Facebook page for LittleFoot, where the sweet, adorable boy is making friends from all over. You can visit him there, at “LittleFoot” the Rescued Kitty on Facebook. We’re sure he would welcome more good hearted friends and well wishers.

LittleFoot playing with a paper bag.

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